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I unexpectedly got an invite from my mate (and fellow Scout Leader), David Goulden, to join him on a fishing charter put on by one of his employer's suppliers (his colleague pulled out at the last minute, leaving a slot that needed to be filled quickly!) out of Lyttelton marina (over/through the Port Hills from my place - 10 min drive). It was an early start and a fairly rough 2hr (!) voyage (lots of us were seasick and generally miserable on the way out. Even the captain acknowledged it was 'an unpleasant trip'. A couple folks never fully recovering to do any fishin', sadly, including the trip's organiser. Doh!), but we had very good luck fishing, filling our quota of blue cod and sea perch (as well as one rig - a small shark). We did it all with a very attentive audience, a managerie of seabirds. Some were *huge*. Managed to catch my hand in one of the gang hooks (needed to cut off the barb to get it out). Was a good trip from my perspective, although I think we were all pleased to be back on terra firma. Even got some nice fish out of it! Many thanks for thinking of me, David!