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So at the end of 2020 and into the first week or two of 2021, I built a two chamber compost bin at our new house, having learned from the successes and flaws of the previous compost bin I built at Tekapo Place 8 years prior... Some features: it's not built with posts buried in the ground - not sure why I did that on the previous bin, to be honest... this one sits on top of the ground. To prevent rats digging in from underneath (a problem with the last one) the bottom and sides are protected by fine galvanised steel mesh. Because much of the wood (mostly scraps left over from past deck building) is treated to prevent rot, I've created a black plastic barrier inside to shield the compost from any leaching. The ply fronts of each chamber are untreated ply, with stiffeners/battens, that also make them easier to raise & lower. They allow me to extract soil from the bottom after nature's had its chance to work on our organic food/yard waste! I've also got mesh-protected flip down lids for each side, with rope stays so they're easy to pull shut again.