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Three years in the making (my boys have been teasing me that long for not having got it done), here's our bike and garden tool 'locker' (we're not allowed to have 'sheds' in this development, by covenant, even though every house has one). It was originally limited to the height of the nearby fence along the boundary, but after dinging my dome a few too many times, I threw caution to the wind (it's visible from the road in any case due to the slope of the fence) and raised it 140mm to spare my scarred pate. We're hoping it'll allow us to get those damned bikes, surf boards, lawn mower, and other implements out of the garage. Also, it's got a special zone at the back for storing large sheets of ply and wide thing that are helluva annoying to have in the garage. At the time of this writing, it's got the roof and back wall on it, and the right wall (from the front) is partially complete... I'm grateful for the help and encouragement (after a couple years teasing because I hadn't started it yet. The explanation is complicated) from Seb and Nate. Thanks boys! More pictures to follow as progress is made.